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htop-vim (2.2.0-1, main) - interactive processes viewer
Binary for arch amd64 (91.1 KB) | Sources: htop-vim_2.2.0-1.dsc, htop-vim_2.2.0.orig.tar.gz, htop-vim_2.2.0-1.debian.tar.xz

Htop is an ncursed-based process viewer similar to top, but it allows one to scroll the list vertically and horizontally to see all processes and their full command lines.

Tasks related to processes (killing, renicing) can be done without entering their PIDs.

This is a fork with vim keybindings.

syrep (0.9-5, main) - A generic file repository synchronization tool
Binary for arch amd64 (53.3 KB) | Sources: syrep_0.9-5.dsc, syrep_0.9.orig.tar.gz, syrep_0.9-5.debian.tar.xz

syrep is a generic file repository synchronization tool. It may be used to synchronize large file hierarchies bidirectionally by exchanging patch files. Syrep is truely peer-to-peer, no central servers are involved. Synchronizations between more than two repositories are supported. The patch files may be transferred via offline media, e.g. removable hard disks or compact discs.

Files are tracked by their message digests, currently MD5. The following file operations are tracked in the snapshot files: creation, deletion, modification, creation of new hard or symbolic links, renaming. (The latter is nothing more than a new hard link and removal of the old file). syrep doesn't distinguish between soft and hard links. In fact even copies of files are treated as the same. Currently, syrep doesn't synchronize file attributes like access modes or modification times.

Syrep was written to facilitate the synchronization of two large digital music repositories without direct network connection. Patch files of several gigabytes are common in this situation.

Syrep is able to cope with 64 bit file sizes. (LFS)

Syrep is optimized for speed. It may make use of a message digest cache to accelerate the calculation of digests of a whole directory hierarchy

syrep-dbgsym (0.9-5, main) - debug symbols for syrep
urlscan (0.8.5-0.1, main) - Extract and browse the URLs contained in an email (urlview replacement)
Binary for arch all (19.3 KB) | Sources: urlscan_0.8.5-0.1.dsc, urlscan_0.8.5.orig.tar.gz, urlscan_0.8.5-0.1.debian.tar.xz

urlscan searches for URLs in email messages, then displays a list of them in the current terminal. It is primarily meant as a replacement for urlview, which it improves upon in the following ways:

* urlscan understands email encodings such as quoted-printable;
urlview does not.
* urlscan extracts and displays the context surrounding each URL.

zathura-pdf-mupdf (0.3.3-1, main) - PDF support for zathura
Binary for arch amd64 (18.4 MB) | Sources: zathura-pdf-mupdf_0.3.3-1.dsc, zathura-pdf-mupdf_0.3.3.orig.tar.xz, zathura-pdf-mupdf_0.3.3-1.debian.tar.xz

zathura is a document viewer with a minimalistic and space saving interface. It offers a vim-like experience and has a focus on keyboard interaction. The key bindings, commands and most other settings can be customized.

Some of the features are:
* bookmarking pages
* printing the whole document or specific pages
* following links
* searching in the document
* browsing the document index
* SyncTex forward and backward synchronization

This package contains zathura's mupdf based PDF plugin.

zathura-pdf-mupdf-dbgsym (0.3.3-1, main) - debug symbols for zathura-pdf-mupdf